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A Holiday Road Trip In A GLA45 AMG


A few weeks ago my friend said he had a free week and do I fancy a road trip. I cleared that week and we got planning our holiday. I emailed the social media team at Mercedes Benz to ask if we could borrow a car (preferably an AMG) for a road trip starting from Stuttgart and they quickly came back to us saying we could borrow a new GLA45 AMG, a 355hp and 4WD rocket.  Flights were quickly booked and we set about organising a few things. Fast forward to last Tuesday afternoon, we fly into Stuttgart and are greeted by…

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Experiences In The Big 3 Hypercars


I've been very lucky in the last few years to have experienced a lot of amazing cars in a variety of different places in the world.  I absolutely love supercars and in the case of this blog post, hypercars.  I won't go into trying to defining what is a supercar and what is a hypercar, this post will purely be talking about my experiences in each car and my thoughts on each. I'll then try to clear up my thoughts at the end! McLaren P1 The P1 was the first Hypercar I got to experience, shooting the prototype in Bahrain in…

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A Halloween Shoot To Remember


For Halloween 2014 I embarked on quite a unique shoot for A W Lymn, a family run funeral service.  The aim of the shoot was to show off their new Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse and their fleet of matching Phantoms and to also to get as much exposure in the press as possible for the company.  In all aspects the shoot was a large success, their social media grew over 437% in total size in the first 5 days since the shoot was released and we made it into several large publications including the Sun Newspaper! This Rolls Royce Phantom…

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My Meridian AV System


When I was at university I started to get interested in home cinema setups and more specifically the audio side of things, I realised that a decent set of speakers with an amp could transform the experience you had when watching a film or simply relaxing listening to music.  Come forward a few years and my old setup from university was looking a little tired so it was time to upgrade. I really wanted a top end system which had wow factor and during my research I came across a company called Meridian Audio. Meridian are the innovators of digital…

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A Day At Thruxton With VXR


On Tuesday I got invited to Thruxon by VXR for one of their VXR Power Events. On arriving my heart lifted, seeing two huge welcome banners which had my photos on them that I took on a marketing shoot for them.   They were huge! I was very happy with how the shots came out, especially the "rain" shot of the Astra VXR   I was to be driving the whole range of VXR cars apart from the VXR8 round the track with an instructor next to me and had an hour on track to play. They had a lot…

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First Pictures of Koenigsegg One:1


Photographed for Jalopnik - first shots of the new Koenigsegg One:1: http://jalopnik.com/the-koenigsegg-one-1-is-the-megacar-with-the-perfect-ra-1532092232    

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Looking Back At A Year With A Hasselblad H4D-40


It's been nearly a year since Hasselblad lent me an H4D-40 with a 28mm lens and 80mm lens. I got off to a bit of a rocky start with it, it's not an easy camera to use compared to my Nikons but once I bonded with it I grew to absolutely love it. I now miss it. This is what my kit bag looked like for the year when I had it, Nikon D700 on the left, D800 in the middle and Hasselblad on the right. The Nikons were for quick shooting and action, the Hasselblad for when I have…

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My Toyota GT86 – Intro Blog


So here it is, my very own Toyota GT86 TRD for 6 months. At the time of writing I've now had it a month and it's been a very very fun month. So what've I done with it and what do I think? On the day I collected the car I took it to the awesome garaged.com warehouse for a photo shoot.   Next up was a trip to London to find some tunnels and see some land marks...     Then time to really explore... ROAD TRIP!! I decided to take it up to the Scottish Highlands where I…

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An Impromptu Mega Shoot In A Hangar


Just over a week ago I organised a shoot with some friends and they didn't disappoint with the cars they brought along. There were 2 Enzos, a Carrera GT, a Murciélago, a 12C, a 458, an SLS and 2 classic 911s.  The location was rather awesome, so thanks to Garaged.com for letting us into their new hangar at such last minute notice! All photos were taken with just natural light, the first three on the Hasselblad H4D-40 and the rest on my Nikon D800. I do think the Hasselblad was ahead for this shoot, giving me much more control with the shadows…

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Vauxhall Astra Advert Shoot


In early October I did a shoot for Vauxhall. Today I got to see the result on a billboard!   The shoot was a bit of a challenge due to the weather. The Lake District in October meant rather unpredictable weather and the brief was to show the car in a nice setting. 3 different Astras ready for the shoot came in a rather large arctic ready to shoot.   This sums up the weather for a lot of the shoot. Amazing and dramatic views, but not what we wanted! Took us a while to nail down the final composition…

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