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100,000 likes on facebook!


Today I have reason to celebrate, my facebook page "GFWilliams Photographer" has just hit 100,000 likes!   I would like to say a big thank you to every single person who has helped support the page by liking it, to celebrate 100,000 people liking my page, I have released a new photo of a Lamborghini Reventon Roadster in the city of London: See it bigger here I'm looking forward to doing more projects soon involving the facebook community, so keep an eye out on my page and please all keep telling your friends. George    

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GFWilliams Retouching Blog Post


The computer is becoming a larger and larger part of the process in modern photography and I'm a strong believer of embracing every tool that you've got available and using it in the best possible way while not over using it.  It's often a tough balance to know when to stop and when to go mad, but at the end of the day it's all personal choice and what you decide to do is what makes you the photographer you are. Here I will show you some before/after shots and explain why I did what I did. Before: After: With…

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The #GFWroadtrip – 6 Days In Europe


The plan started quite simple, me and my friend had 6 days free and wanted to go somewhere cool, enjoy ourselves and see some cool cars. Matt Hardigree called his the #gR8trip so I decided I wanted a similarly annoying hashtag for our trip so I give you #GFWroadtrip! 5pm Wedneday evening: The car (my Mini, not the Pagani, but bare with me as there is Pagani stuff later) is packed and we set off from just south of London where I live and head for the channel tunnel so we can cross to France. We get on the train…

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How Porsche Makes The 918 Spyder


When I asked if we could visit the Porsche Factory we didn't even realize that production had started on the 918 Spyder so I got a rather nice surprise when the chap showing us around suddenly seemed a bit excited when he asked us "Would you like to see the 918 production?" You all loved the McLaren factory tour so much I thought you'd enjoy seeing this, so I enthusiastically replied "I'd love to!"   Manufaktur 918 Spyder The 918 Spyder is a hand-crafted car and the production team who build it are hand-picked from the best production staff Porsche employs. Each…

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Jaguar F-Type Meets Ancestors And Sets A Record


The Jaguar F-Type is the first two seater sports car from Jaguar since the E-Type, a car which is an absolute legend and famously quoted as the "most beautiful car ever made" by Enzo Ferrari. So that's quite an act to follow. The model we have here is the F-Type V8 S powered by a rather meaty, and lovely sounding, 495ps supercharged V8. So what does that mean? Well, for a start, a few tyres get shredded: That wasn't really the reason for us to go to Jabekke in Belgium with the F-Type and 4 historic cars though, the reason…

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I’ve Photographed The McLaren P1


About a year ago McLaren contacted me saying that they'd seen some of my photos and were impressed, would I like to come to the factory and meet them? Fast forward to last week and I was on a flight to Bahrain writing out a shot list for a photo shoot of a McLaren P1 on the Bahrain International Circuit. I was lucky with this shoot, McLaren had given me a fairly open brief so I got a lot of creative freedom, which is what is really great for producing the best results possible. This shoot was different to any…

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2012 recap


2012 was a year where I learnt a lot and started to developed my photography into what I want it to be. Each shoot helped give me ideas for future shoots and as the year went on I learnt a selection of new techniques which helped overall to create more unique images. A year to be proud of, but what will 2013 bring? January Noble M600 – Romans International Lotus Exige – Private Client Mercedes C63AMG – Private Client February Porsche Speedster and 997 Cab – Personal Audi Quattro – Private Client Lotus Exige – Private Client March Toyota Rav4…

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A Trip to the McLaren Factory


Back in January Jalopnik featured my photos of the Bugatti Veyron in the secret Tunnel. Those pictures were rather popular and quite a few people ended up seeing them. Off the back of that I got an email from the head of PR at McLaren asking if I’d like to meet him the following week for a chat about potentially doing some photos in the McLaren Production Centre and outside the McLaren Technology Centre. So the next week I had a full private tour of the new McLaren Production Centre and discussed ideas for a shoot.  Fast forward to the…

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