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Lotus Exige S V6 – My New Daily Driver


About a month ago I drove past Bell & Covill, a Lotus Dealer near where I live, and spotted an Exige S in Renault Liquid Yellow.  I've always wanted a car in Liquid Yellow, but having owned a Clio 197 F1 a few years ago I haven't wanted to own another Renault! So this Lotus caught my eye and I went in and asked to test drive the car to see what it's like.  Jamie took me out in the car and let me have a test drive on some lovely roads local to the dealer. My initial thoughts on…

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The #DullRoadtrip – Caterham to Croatia


The  #DullRoadtrip started as simply an idea with friends that we wanted to do a road trip and visit places we'd never been before. It was about exploring new areas, and creating amazing experiences. So first of all we decided that we would take the Caterham. Admittedly an awful car to do a road trip in, not much luggage space, noisy, cramped and no air conditioning. That wasn't enough to stop us though as we knew how amazing it would be when you got it on the right roads.  To make the trip as dull as possible I wanted to incorporate…

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My Caterham 7 – Ownership Blog


Friday 27th May 2016 - A few weeks into Caterham Ownership and VMax200 So now the car is running beautifully, it seemed a good opportunity to take the car along to VMax200 to see what it could do and get to grips with the handling of the car in a safe open environment. For those who don't know, VMax is an event at a private runway in the UK where some of the fastest road cars in the world turn up to see what kind of top speed they can achieve in the safest environment possible. Now I knew the Caterham wouldn't…

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A Big Year – Looking Back at 2015


It's New Years Eve and I'm looking back at the photos I've taken in 2015. This year has been by far the busiest year of my life and the number of amazing shoots I've done truly makes me thankful for the support of my clients, friends and followers and motivates me to push even harder in 2016! I haven't included absolutely every shoot from 2015 as this post would have been too long, but instead have tried to show as many shoots as possible while still keeping things interesting! Honda Civic Type R The first shoot of 2015 was in Malaga, shooting the yet…

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Porto to Stuttgart – 7 Days in a Mercedes Benz C300 Coupe


The Journey begins with a flight from London to Porto in Portugal where we had to pick up a new Mercedes Benz C300 Coupe. As an owner of a 2010 C350 Estate I was interested to see how the new car compares to my own one. Well the moment I got in the car I could tell it was a lovely improvement in terms of the interior quality and the technology in the car was really useful. I'll get onto that later though. For now, here the car is in the amazing city of Porto! After capturing a few photos in Porto…

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A Crazy Oman Adventure


This is a blog post I've been meaning to write for a while as it was such a memorable trip. A friend of mine, Amit, is from the Sultanate of Oman had been telling me how amazing the country was and he said that if I visited he's make sure we had a good time. Well he wasn't kidding and so after I finished the Desert Run in Dubai we hopped in his Aventador and set off for Muscat. Now Amit has a few nice cars to choose from, but the one I thought we should have a play with was…

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A Holiday Road Trip In A GLA45 AMG


A few weeks ago my friend said he had a free week and do I fancy a road trip. I cleared that week and we got planning our holiday. I emailed the social media team at Mercedes Benz to ask if we could borrow a car (preferably an AMG) for a road trip starting from Stuttgart and they quickly came back to us saying we could borrow a new GLA45 AMG, a 355hp and 4WD rocket.  Flights were quickly booked and we set about organising a few things. Fast forward to last Tuesday afternoon, we fly into Stuttgart and are greeted by…

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Experiences In The Big 3 Hypercars


I've been very lucky in the last few years to have experienced a lot of amazing cars in a variety of different places in the world.  I absolutely love supercars and in the case of this blog post, hypercars.  I won't go into trying to defining what is a supercar and what is a hypercar, this post will purely be talking about my experiences in each car and my thoughts on each. I'll then try to clear up my thoughts at the end! McLaren P1 The P1 was the first Hypercar I got to experience, shooting the prototype in Bahrain in…

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A Halloween Shoot To Remember


For Halloween 2014 I embarked on quite a unique shoot for A W Lymn, a family run funeral service.  The aim of the shoot was to show off their new Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse and their fleet of matching Phantoms and to also to get as much exposure in the press as possible for the company.  In all aspects the shoot was a large success, their social media grew over 437% in total size in the first 5 days since the shoot was released and we made it into several large publications including the Sun Newspaper! This Rolls Royce Phantom…

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A Day At Thruxton With VXR


On Tuesday I got invited to Thruxon by VXR for one of their VXR Power Events. On arriving my heart lifted, seeing two huge welcome banners which had my photos on them that I took on a marketing shoot for them.   They were huge! I was very happy with how the shots came out, especially the "rain" shot of the Astra VXR   I was to be driving the whole range of VXR cars apart from the VXR8 round the track with an instructor next to me and had an hour on track to play. They had a lot…

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