Winner – AUTO PHOTO Awards 2023

I’m excited to announce that the AUTO PHOTO Awards 2023 have awarded me as a winner for the Innovation category.

I wanted to take a moment to delve into the journey behind my winning image, which I shot for the launch of the new Zenvo Aurora. It involved a lot of planning, technical challenges and creativity which culminated in a photograph of the Zenvo that I’m incredibly proud of.

The shoot process began long before I even laid eyes on the cars. The background had to be created in advance and my inspiration was the breathtaking Pulpit Rock in Norway. I envisioned the cars perched high, in amongst majestic mountains with the northern lights above. This meant capturing plates and textures, ensuring every element was ready in advance to bring this vision to life.  I even spent a significant amount of time looking, then buying the perfect garden paving slab, which I then shot at home for the floor texture.

The cars had to be shot in an automotive photography studio in Munich –  It was the first time anyone from outside of the company had seen the cars, and the pressure was on to quickly find the best angles for the cars and shoot them in a way that harmonised with the planned backgrounds. The correct lighting played a crucial role, working to make sure the cars looked naturally integrated with my planned scene, and also show them off in the best light as they are of course the important part of all the photos.

The following weeks after the shoot were a marathon of retouching, tweaking, and perfecting each photo to breathe life into them, ready for the cars to be introduced to the world for the first time.

Out of the final set of 60 photos for the Aurora launch, I had one favourite, which you can see below. To see this particular photo winning the innovation category is an amazing feeling.

Thanks again to the AUTO PHOTO Awards for this honour!  Thank you also to all the partners of the awards for making this possible.  One final thank you is to the amazing team at Zenvo, for trusting me and allowing plenty of creative freedom on this shoot!

You can see the full list of 2023 award winners on their website here.


Below you can see a screenshot from their website of the announcement: