1500km Dream Drive in a Porsche Cayman S

Travis from Jalopnik asked if I fancied meeting him in Munich for a little road trip a while ago… I never expected it to be this good, this trip was amazing!

Here are a selection of photos from the trip…

So it started with Travis picking me up in Munich city centre

GFW_5105 GFW_5114 GFW_5130 GFW_5144 GFW_5152 GFW_5192 GFW_5194 GFW_5201 GFW_5205 GFW_5206 GFW_5235 GFW_5266 GFW_5308 GFW_5336 GFW_5338 GFW_5342 GFW_5347 GFW_5351 GFW_5358 GFW_5360

GFW_5379 cayman GFW_58411 GFW_58261 GFW_5852 GFW_5850 GFW_5847 GFW_5832 GFW_5816 GFW_5798 GFW_5741 GFW_5687 GFW_5683 GFW_5678 GFW_5669 GFW_5665 GFW_5663 GFW_5659 GFW_5657 GFW_5653 GFW_5648 GFW_5644 GFW_5642 GFW_5630 GFW_5627 GFW_5624 GFW_5621 GFW_5618 GFW_5605 GFW_5585 GFW_5559 GFW_5557 GFW_5549 GFW_5543 GFW_5532 GFW_5519 GFW_5514 GFW_5511 GFW_5510 GFW_5494 GFW_5462 GFW_5460 GFW_5458 GFW_5454 GFW_5441 GFW_5427 GFW_5425 GFW_5416 GFW_5414 GFW_5410 GFW_5409 GFW_5404 GFW_5398 GFW_5392