2018 – A Look Back At The Year

Looking back at 2018, it’s quite amazing to see how much happened and how many happy times were had. It’s a year where I focused on my happiness over money, and so it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable and varied experience! It makes me super proud to look back at this work and see what I have achieved, I hope you enjoy being able to see what I’ve been doing in 2018!

The year kicked off with a studio shoot for Rolls Royce of a lovely Dawn, made extra special because it had crushed diamonds in the paint!  It’s been a year of lots of studio photography, and it’s been a privilege to develop my style and push forwards with the quality of the lighting over the course of the year.

The second shoot of 2018 was really exciting for me, taking the launch photos for the new Rimac C:TWO electric hypercar from Croatia.  We started the shoot in the studio, capturing simple and clean images to best show off the shape of the car; we then had two days shooting outside on the Isle of Pag, battling against heavy winds in the freezing cold!

Following on from the Rimac was another cold winter shoot! I embarked on a roadtrip from London to Monaco for Mercedes in an E63 AMG estate, luckily with winter tyres as the conditions were a little testing at times! With a layover in Paris, I love being able to combine my job with an experience of different cultural hubs across Europe, despite the weather!

Straight after this road trip, it was time for another, where luckily the weather was slightly less cold. This time I joined @TheCaraba on a journey to the Geneva Motorshow in his Ferrari Testarossa, which was the perfect destination, as it meant I could see the live reveal of the Rimac C:TWO I shot earlier that year!

The next trip I embarked on was all the way to Los Angeles, to do a social campaign for Toyota USA, of their Tacoma. We were shooting in Downtown LA, which involved closing roads, at times for only a few seconds to get the right shot. I love the rooftop shot we got with a fog machine!

While in LA, it would have been rude not to meet some locals and take some photos for them. This is Charm Brittian, a musician who owns a cool Lotus Elise.

I also shot for a supercar owner by the coast, perfect light for sunset! Such a cool place, I can’t wait to go back!

Back in the UK, I did a shoot for Romans International for their website. I think everyone can agree that their stock is pretty breathtaking!

Potentially my biggest shoot of 2018 was for Bugatti, to produce refreshed imagery for their Chiron. Four days in a studio in Germany and all retouched on my own, I’m really proud of how this set came out.

Another new car launched for 2018 with my photography, this time in the Netherlands: the Donkervoort D8 GTO-40. Made to celebrate 40 years of Donkervoort, and made even more lightweight than the GTO-RS before it. Definitely an eye catching car, I loved being involved in the launch!

2018 saw me do another UK shoot for Rolls Royce; Bespoke Dawn was the Porto Cervo commission at the factory.

After lots of Maserati in 2017, it was only natural to do a little more in 2018b This time however it was for Maserati UK and I actually got to drive one! The Levante was definitely a lot higher up than the cars I usually drive, and it was great to be able to experience a car I worked with so closely last year!

I didn’t think I’d ever be saying this, but 2018 was the year I witnessed a “flying car” from Vertical Aerospace. Who knows what I’ll shoot in 2019!

Not a shoot, but Caterham kindly lent me their 620R to test drive for a few days, and it would not do justice to the amount of fun I had in this car to not include it in my 2018 roundup! This firmly planted the seed that I needed to own one again (spoilers!).

At the end of June, I decided to go spend a few months in Spain with my girlfriend to relax and enjoy some time to ourselves after a busy initial half of the year. Of course, this meant I could use it as an excuse for a road trip in my Lotus…

Visiting the UK for a few weeks in July, I shot some lovely Bespoke Rolls Royces and a private collection of Ferraris! A pretty impressive lineup, I think you’ll agree.

When the time finally came to drive home from Spain, I decided to make it a challenge and drive all the way in one go! 1300 miles, and 23 hours later, I made it back home to the UK, absolutely exhausted!

But can you blame me, as one of the reasons for coming back to the UK was to collect my Caterham 7! Definitely worth it to own the car again!

Back to work and I was lucky to visit California for the second time of the year, this time to San Francisco. Not everything went to plan with the trip, so there are less photos than we hoped, but experiences like that are what being a photographer is all about, and so here is one shot of @TheCaraba’s BMW 2002tii.

Second Hypercar shoot of the year – this is the Apollo IE, and is without doubt the best sounding car I’ve ever heard!

A couple of London shoots, first of a Porsche 911 reimagined Singer, and second of this lovely Custard BMW M4.

To end 2018, I have just been on the most amazing trip with Team Galag in Saudi Arabia. I will do a blog post soon for this trip, but in the mean time here are 4 of my favourite photos from the trip!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all my lovely clients this year, it’s certainly been a year to remember!

2019 brings new opportunities: I would like to do more magazine work to compliment the work for the car manufacturers; I’d like to share my knowledge in automotive photography in a series of tutorials; and I’d like to try shooting some non automotive work.  If you would like a shoot, either of your car, or for your company, or a company you work for, it’d be great to have a chat! Here’s to an exciting 2019!