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American Dream Roadtrip with Pirelli

There are certain things that you always dream of doing. For me a big bucket list item which I’ve always wanted to do is an American Roadtrip.  It was thank to Pirelli that the dream turned into a reality, and it was better than I could have imagined!

This happened last year, so please forgive the late blog post, I had to include such an amazing experience on the new website.

Pirelli were launching their new perfect fit P-Zero tyres to the world, a tyre which is tailor made to measure, specifically for each specific car, meaning that you get the perfect tyre for your car. As a car and tyre geek, I loved trying this new tyre, but the way in which we experienced it was what made this experience so amazing.

Check out the little video from Pirelli then I’ll talk you through some of my photos.

So the journey started in Hollywood, home of the P-Zero World where we got to see some lovely cars and they fitted the new tyres to the Bentley Convertible we’d be driving.

b8410293 gfw_3890gfw_3833

Getting the new tyres fitted for the trip


And ready to go!


Straight into Death Valley where the unique scenery really was amazing to shoot in.


gfw_4238gfw_4284 b8410354 b8410357

The endless straight roads were a massively special experience, especially going into sunset. Taking photos in scenery like this was a first for me and the Bentley stood out perfectly.

b8410387 b8410396 b8410405

As a photographer there’s nothing better than a sunrise shoot. This gave truly unique photos in a place called “Badwater”.  A pretty appropriate name when there is no water, just salt flats!

b8410408 b8410412 b8410416 b8410424




gfw_4374 gfw_4378 gfw_4391 gfw_4411

The journey was to Las Vegas, but before we could get there, Pirelli had a little surprise for us.  We’d be told we’d be going to Boulder City Airport to go and view Death Valley. When we got there they told us we’d be going up in Millitary Jets in tandem to get photos of them in the air.


Nothing can prepare you for the first time you go in a jet, it’s an absolutely amazing experience, especially when the jets are small ones which are super manoeuvrable, perfect for getting the perfect angles in the photos.


We even pulled 6Gs which I’ve got to say is something I never thought I’d do!

gfw_4597 gfw_4614 gfw_4649 gfw_4718 gfw_4729b8410472

From the skies to the strip, time to go explore Vegas!

gfw_4766 gfw_4769 gfw_4772 gfw_4774

We went to some presentations, then I went to explore the strip and see some friends who happened to be in Vegas at the same time. A truly unique place for sure…

Last day and it was time to push the new tyres to their limits at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


This was also a first preview of the new coloured tyres which I love (and wish they’d do in the size of my Lotus, come on Pirelli!)


Testing the new tyres round some great circuits in a variety of different, amazing cars was just brilliant fun.


Ferrari 488 was my favourite road car I drove, explosive power and brilliant, predictable grip.


Aventador SV was a beast and stupidly fast on track, but a bit heavy and large for my liking as a track car.


The Pirelli Jets do a fly over!


Last experience of the trip was up there with the jets, driving a full on race car on racing slick tyres!  Nothing on track is quite like slick tyres, they feel like you’ve been superglued to the tarmac.  I now dream of being able to drive more race cars to get more seat time and feel the aero grip to go with the mechanical grip.

gfw_4980 gfw_4983 gfw_4992 gfw_5006

I think you’ll agree it was an amazing experience, thank you to Pirelli for inviting me!   Now how can I go out to the USA again?