Caterham Project V

The Caterham 7 holds a special place in my heart. My father owned one when I was growing up, and I’ve now owned two myself. Caterham is embarking on a new journey as a brand with the Project V, but rest assured, the iconic 7 will continue to be part of their lineup for as long as regulations allow.

With this fresh direction in mind, it was crucial to create photos that serve as a bold statement of intent. Caterham maintains its commitment to lightweight design, but for the first time, the Project V boasts modern features like airbags, speakers, doors, and even a roof. While it’s not a luxury car, it undeniably falls into the premium category. This is a car you choose with your heart, driven by your love for its aesthetics. The goal was to captivate viewers with these photos, making them simply think, “I want one of those.”

To achieve this, we positioned the car in front of a striking, angular house, creating a captivating contrast with the car’s curves. We aimed to capture a natural set of daytime photos and a smaller collection of night shots, which have the potential to leave an even more lasting impression.

Check back soon for the night shots!