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The Miracle Detail of My Lotus Exige – Part 1 – The Wash

I will openly admit that I didn’t understand it was even possible to wash a car in this way.  I have taken my Lotus to Paul Dalton from Miracle Detail to watch, and share the amazing process of detailing my car in the most meticulous and incredible way.

I, of course, dropped the car off in the most dirty state I could manage, having just done a trackday, then driven through muddy, narrow Sussex roads to get there to make sure the car is really caked.  Here are some before photos which show just how much of a state my car looked. Hard to look at I know!

I will try to keep things simple for here to keep your interest.  The process is all about making sure you touch the car as little as possible, as each time you touch the car, there is a risky you will add a swirl mark, so extreme care is taken to remove as much dirt and grease as possible before the later stages.  To start, Paul uses his own Miracle Detail Citrus Degreaser on the whole car, spraying it on, then letting it dwell a bit.

Once the degreaser has dwelled, Paul then uses a jet wash to rinse this all off.  I’m surprised how much of the dirt is coming off already, which is when Paul tells me his little secret that his Jet Wash uses hot water!   If you think how much better hot water works when you do the dishes, this makes total sense to wash a car with, and I’m already impressed, but this is only the beginning stages.

The next stage is my favourite stage, the snowfoam!  This is another product developed by Paul and sold by Miracle Detail, and it’s easy to see why it’s so impressive by the results.

This is another stage where we let it sit on the car for a few minutes to dwell and take action.  This really bites into any dirt or grease which is left on the car.  Once it’s sat for a few minutes, Paul then uses the hot jet wash to remove all the snow and any more dirt.  I was quite surprised as, apart from the tar, the car looked visually clean to me at this stage, and no brush or washmit had even touched the car yet.

Now that the car was as clean as possible from the degreaser and snow foam, it was safe to use a wash mitt and brush on the car.  A special Swissvax “wash poodle” for the paint, and a brush with the Miracle Detail Degreaser for the grills, in any gaps around lights, door shuts, etc.  Miracle Detail Wheel Cleaner was used for the wheels with another brush too. The final stage for the wash was to used tar remover to remove the marks all over the car from my trackday.  I couldn’t really photograph this stage as it was simply gently wiping the panel using the correct product to lift off the contaminants.

After these stages, the car is fully rinsed down again with the hot jet wash, then the car is gently dried using a drying towel and air blower.

At the end of the wash stage of this detail, the car was looking the best it’s ever looked, and it is only a small fraction of what will be done.  The next stages will be about making every single part of the car perfect, although I’ll go into those in Part 2 of this blog. For now, here are some photos at the end of the wash stage, including some photos with my Caterham!

I’m very excited for the next stages of the “Miracle Detail”, and sharing with you all how this is all done.    This isn’t a sponsored blog post, so I can genuinely say I’m massively impressed with Paul’s work.  If you want your car to look more perfect than you thought possible, or fancy using some of the Miracle Detail products, check out the website here.   Part 2 will come in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!