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Lotus Exige S V6 – My New Daily Driver

About a month ago I drove past Bell & Covill, a Lotus Dealer near where I live, and spotted an Exige S in Renault Liquid Yellow.  I’ve always wanted a car in Liquid Yellow, but having owned a Clio 197 F1 a few years ago I haven’t wanted to own another Renault! So this Lotus caught my eye and I went in and asked to test drive the car to see what it’s like.  Jamie took me out in the car and let me have a test drive on some lovely roads local to the dealer. My initial thoughts on the car was that it was mega quick but also very refined, especially compared to my Caterham. I couldn’t possible sell my Caterham to buy this instead could I?  No, of course not!

So I sold my Mercedes Estate instead, kept the Caterham and then bought the Lotus to use as my every day car! The adventure begins…

Collection day and I couldn’t have been more excited, it still didn’t feel real that I was buying a car as amazing as the Exige.  For those who don’t know, this car has a supercharged V6 producing 345hp and weighs about 1100kg so although it’s double the weight of my Caterham, it’s also over double the power so it’s easily quicker. More to the point, it’s an awesome colour and I just love the look of the car.


I bought a numberplate for the car too, just a bit of fun. For those of you which can’t work it out, it’s suppose to say “Dull how”, ie. asking how the car is dull.

Lots of lovely cars at Bell & Covill, my car stood out to me though!


First day with the car and I just took it for a bit of a blast on some of my local country roads.  It’s a very different experience to any other car I’ve driven, there’s a huge amount of traction which fires you between corners, but in order to get it turned in you have to have the weight on the front. The noise of the supercharged V6 is also awesome although I feel it could be a bit louder…

gfw_3769 gfw_3752 gfw_3767

Straight after picking up the car I went to the US to do a shoot for Pirelli for 6 days. When I got home I’d lined up a shoot in London of a lovely S1 Elise. Would have been rude not to get a shot of the two cars together!


And a shot of my Exige outside Admiral Arch, a very British car in a very British place.


Time to take both cars out, I chose to drive the Caterham which I think says it all…

gfw_3785 gfw_5169

Roof off blast to Goodwood…


A blast down to Goodwood area for a shoot for Rolls Royce meant I had a chance to take a few photos on the way home. Roof on this time!   Car was looking nice and dirty, and I just caught the end of Autumn which I think looked great with the car.

gfw_8254 gfw_8271 gfw_8274 gfw_8333 gfw_8342

One little modification which makes a big difference to the look. I thought the back was a bit too yellow so visited Dub Customs and got them to wrap the back panel in a lovely satin metallic grey vinyl. Really breaks up the back end and almost reminds me of a Challenge Stradale grill!

gfw_9371 gfw_9380

Last weekend and I took the car to Brands Hatch as I was doing a driver training afternoon with The Real Grand Turismo in their Honda S2000. I took the Lotus out on track and it was just crazy how quick a car it is. Amusingly because I was taking it fairly easy I was actually a second faster in the S2000!

gfw_9386 gfw_9389

This last photo sums up the weekly food shop now. I’ve learnt to buy the exact amount of food to fill the boot!



I’ll update as and when I get up to some adventures in the car, but for now I’m just enjoying it in day to day life taking it to all my shoots and of course shooting it when I get a chance.  I think a big road trip will be in order in the new year although I’m undecided where to at the moment!