Global Launch Shoot of the Apex AP-0

The Geneva Motorshow is normally the biggest car show of the year, when car brands get an opportunity to show off their new vehicles to the media of the world, and a lucky few get to launch brands which they hope will fundamentally change the industry. They work around the clock to get amazing cars ready for the motorshow, with months of preparation, filming, and photo shoots going on behind the scenes so that everyone’s first look at the new releases is as exciting and multimedia as possible. This year, things have been a bit different. With the motorshow called off due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it made photo and video shoots more important than ever. With brands instead doing press releases and live events, it was vital to have great quality photos and videos to stand out amongst all the other brands also fighting for the limelight. I was lucky enough to do “pre-Geneva” shoots for four brands this year to show off their cars.

Apex trusted me to do both a stills and video shoot of their new AP-0, an electric sports car aiming to bring driving enjoyment to the electric sector using lightweight technology. We shot for a day in a studio and a day at Biscester Heritage.

I also shot the launch video (seen here prior to their livestream of the reveal):