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A Holiday Road Trip In A GLA45 AMG

A few weeks ago my friend said he had a free week and do I fancy a road trip. I cleared that week and we got planning our holiday. I emailed the social media team at Mercedes Benz to ask if we could borrow a car (preferably an AMG) for a road trip starting from Stuttgart and they quickly came back to us saying we could borrow a new GLA45 AMG, a 355hp and 4WD rocket.  Flights were quickly booked and we set about organising a few things.

Fast forward to last Tuesday afternoon, we fly into Stuttgart and are greeted by a friendly face and a GLA45 AMG!  We had decided to stay in Innsbruck in Austria on Tuesday evening which meant a nice stretch of driving including both Autobahns and some twisty roads when getting closer to Innsbruck, a nice way to get a first impression of the car.

So first picture from the trip was a driver change as the sun was setting in Germany as we did a quick driver change. Full aero pack on the car sure gave it an aggressive look!


My friend got into the car and quickly found out the top speed of the car on the Autobahn!



Quite stunning skies approaching Austria

GFW_4233 GFW_4244


It didn’t take too long of exploring the top speeds of the GLA before we needed to fill up with fuel. I couldn’t resist one last photo before it got dark and we finished the drive.




Wednesday: The next morning we set off early with the nav set for Pagani. No pictures on the way there, but it did involve a bit of getting lost!

At Pagani we’d organised to shoot a few cars, first of all was this:

GFW_4260 GFW_4377


The Pagani Huayra “La Monza Lisa” owned by a friend LamborghiniKS. This car is one of the best spec cars I’ve seen and it had been shipped over from Miami for the Pagani tour the week before so was perfect timing!





We also took a few photos of the new Pagani Zonda LM Roadster and Horacio’s Zonda S before we went to our hotel in Bologna.

GFW_4323 GFW_42701

Thuesday: Pagani were kind enough to take “La Monza Lisa” out the next day and go find a few locations to shoot.

On the way there I saw this very italian looking road and couldn’t resist a few photos of the GLA…


GFW_4410 GFW_4412


First location for the Huayra was a storage yard which was a bit different…



The detail of the carbon on this car is just insane

GFW_4433 GFW_4434 GFW_4435 GFW_4437 GFW_4452 GFW_4456


We didn’t spend too long at that location and moved onto the second location which I much preferred.

GFW_4469 GFW_4472 GFW_4476 GFW_4490 GFW_4494 GFW_4544 GFW_4604 GFW_4625 GFW_4633 GFW_4635

At about lunch time we set off for La Spezia the cross country route which featured some of the best roads I’ve ever seen or driven, so much so that we only got one photo all afternoon. The roads were very technical and twisty and the GLA really came alive! The 4wd gave the car an insane amount of grip to fire it out of corners and the progress we could make on those roads was hard to believe.



Our arrival in La Spezia was an interesting experience. The hotel booking said to park up and call reception and they’ll send a shuttle to get us to the hotel.  We soon understood why when it took us down the narrow paths to the hotel




The actual hotel had amazing views and was a lovely peaceful place. Ideal for relaxing after quite an intense drive through the hills of Tuscany. Certainly one of the highlights of the holiday.



Friday: Car park all to ourselves, Friday we set off without much of a plan. We wanted to head vaguely in the direction of Stuttgart but more important was just to enjoy our journey on the way



There were some spectacular views in Tuscany!



GFW_4700 GFW_4703 GFW_4705


As you can see, the roads were a bit special


GFW_4712 GFW_4713 GFW_4719 GFW_4723 GFW_4725 GFW_4727


Little off roading

GFW_4731 GFW_4734 GFW_4738 GFW_4750 GFW_4753 GFW_4762 GFW_4764 GFW_4771 GFW_4780


The exhaust makes a lot of banging sounds when changing gear… a bit addictive in tunnels



This is when we stopped and thought it might be a good idea to find a hotel for the evening. About 3 hours drive from where we were was Lugano so the nav was set and off we went!





Lugano turned out to be a lovely town, beautiful views, nice ice cream and lots of nice cars driving around.



Saturday: Early start from Lugano and end destination is Stuttgart so it’s our final day of driving. Before we leave the town I thought it’d be nice to get a few quick snaps of the GLA in the town

GFW_4811 GFW_4814 GFW_4818 GFW_4819 GFW_4828


First pass was the San Bernardino Pass which of course had great views.

GFW_4841 GFW_4846 GFW_4862 GFW_4876


Towards the top of the pass the weather turned, it got a lot colder and the rain started

GFW_4883 GFW_4887 GFW_4893 GFW_4895 GFW_4918 GFW_4926


I wanted to test the 4wd system so decided to do some “soft off roading”

GFW_4932 GFW_4939 GFW_4946


After we’d driven that pass we head for one more pass, the Splügen Pass

GFW_4954 GFW_4960


We had a bit of a surprise when this lead us back into Italy and some more incredible views

GFW_4967 GFW_5014


GFW_5039 GFW_5043


Last shot of the trip and we found a puddle!

GFW_4985\Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 22.03.58 copy


So there we have it, a load of driving, a little bit of relaxing and a few days to remember for sure. Big thanks to Mercedes Benz for lending us the GLA45 AMG and to Pagani for coming out with us to shoot the Huayra. The route was fantastic, although maybe a little too much driving each day to be a true holiday! Now… Where shall we go next?