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An Impromptu Mega Shoot In A Hangar

Just over a week ago I organised a shoot with some friends and they didn’t disappoint with the cars they brought along. There were 2 Enzos, a Carrera GT, a Murciélago, a 12C, a 458, an SLS and 2 classic 911s.  The location was rather awesome, so thanks to for letting us into their new hangar at such last minute notice!

All photos were taken with just natural light, the first three on the Hasselblad H4D-40 and the rest on my Nikon D800. I do think the Hasselblad was ahead for this shoot, giving me much more control with the shadows and having more detail. Another benefit of the Hasselblad is the way flare appears, it’s got a really distinctive way of showing flare which you can see in images 2 and 3.

A6579879 2 A6579899 2 A6579907 GFW_4727 GFW_4736 GFW_4792 GFW_48111 GFW_4823 GFW_4828 GFW_4836 GFW_4869 GFW_4872 GFW_4876


I hope you like the pictures, I think I might have to return there some time with some lighting…