Launch Photography for the Zenvo Aurora

The Aurora is a totally game changing new car from Zenvo, a true statement of intent to the world. This Danish Hypercar maker means business and this car is the one to really show it. It’s a fully new car, with approaching 2000hp and a beautiful design with functional aerodynamics.  It was my job to capture the photos of it for the world to have their first impression.

With the name “Aurora”, it made the creative direction a fairly easy one.  Inspired by a place called “Preikestolen” in Norway, or Pulpet Rock in English, I wanted to imagine the car had been dropped on a rock platform up in the mountains of Norway with the mountainous scenery and Northern Lights behind it.  Almost like a secret lair with the most epic view imaginable.

Both cars were shot in a studio with this background swap in mind. I wasn’t focused on 100% realism, I wanted to create photos with an aggressive mood to them that do the car’s design justice.