My Purple Lotus Exige – “Hell Slow”

In November 2016, I bought my dream car,  a 2014 Lotus Exige S, which was one of two painted in Liquid Yellow.  It had 350hp and weighed just under 1200kg, so it was a lot of fun to drive!  I took the car all over Europe and the UK, completing over 40k miles in yellow.  I did a selection of modifications in this time, including a Komotec 460hp power kit which turned the car into a monster!

I had owned the car for 5 years and still loved the car, but was itching for a bit of change. The initial idea was to just repaint the car in a new colour, but that escalated quite a lot…


Completed in April 2022 after nearly a year off the road to be rebuilt. This is the new look for “Hell Slow”. The first thing you’ll notice is the new colour, a one off colour called “Viola Mathilde”.


Front clam: New Facelift clam with custom reshaped intakes, painted front Lotus badge and custom purple tinted louvres.

Front splitter: New design fully carbon front splitter with diffuser tunnels to direct airflow under the car.

A panel: New aerodynamic design with air outlet behind the front wheel, fully carbon.

Front access panel: Fully carbon, but with tinted and gradiented from the centre of the panel.

Front Lights: Lazerlamp LED lights added in the front grill with custom mounts designed and made.

Side skirts: Full carbon side

Side intakes: Full carbon from a 430 Cup

Mirrors: “Hell slow” mirrors

Rear Clam: New Facelift clam with custom painted rear Lotus logo.

Rear wing:  Custom designed chassis mounted, top mounted, rear wing with top mounted version of the Cup R racecar wing profile.

Rear engine cover: Tinted and gradiented carbon fibre.

Wheels: HRE R101LW

Tyres: Michelin Cup 2

Dampers: CORE (by Tractive) active dampers.

Brakes:  343mm larger discs. Callipers face machined flat, then new Lotus text added and painted liquid yellow.


Inside the car, every plastic component has undergone a transformative overhaul, either being wrapped in Alcantara or swapped out for satin carbon fibre. I then adapted Ferrari F12 air vents, meticulously reshaping the dash, and then trimming around them to make them fit.

A state-of-the-art AIM digital dash takes centre stage, accompanied by integrated shift lights that have been seamlessly incorporated. The steering wheel boasts a unique finish, carbon fibre skinned and painted with the new Lotus logo, then of course trimmed in Alcantara.

Enhancing the driving experience, the OEM exposed gear linkage was fitted, elevating the shift feel to new heights. Carbon fibre Tillett seats grace the interior, offering not only comfort but also a touch of exquisite craftsmanship.

Incorporating modern technology, a touch screen takes its place beneath the car dynamics controller. This interface grants control over the CORE dampers, seamlessly blending high-tech functionality with the artistry of automotive design. As the place that I spend the most time, every element of this interior transformation reflects my personality and attention to detail, making the car my own.