Pagani Zonda Attack

When I was first starting out on my photography journey, Andy74b was kind enough to let me shoot his amazing cars.  Fast forward to today and Andy is a friend, and his car collection has evolved with time, with this Pagani Zonda being his latest arrival.  Andy bought this car as a red Zonda F, which some would argue is one of the most special Paganis ever made, but Andy had a vision for this car to make it absolutely perfect for him.  The car returned to the Pagani factory in Italy for a full rebuild and returned effectively a brand new car, now named the Pagani Zonda Attack, with a fitting numberplate to match.

The most notable thing about the spec is the change of colour to grey, with extensive use of exposed carbon fibre. Andy’s finesse in enhancing the highlights while exercising restraint is commendable. The Zonda Cinque was a source of inspiration, but the Attack retains a manual gearbox.  Other cool features are the centre lock wheels, and the special rear lights add to its allure. Inside, traces of accent wood complement satin-finished carbon and blackened metal components. Amidst its audacious hypercar persona, this spec stands as a lesson in tastefulness.

That’s a bit about the car then, let’s talk about this shoot. In all honesty, this was just an excuse for me to go and see the car!   I am really loving night photography at the moment, controlling light exactly how I’d like it and giving the photos a slightly surreal, but impactful result. Opting not to inundate the shots with vibrant hues, I aimed to showcase the car’s colour and specifications as they stand. A challenge surfaced with the car’s carbon body steaming up swiftly, leaving a haze despite frequent wiping. In post-production, I meticulously worked on minimising these imperfections, striving to reflect the car’s real-life magnificence in my photos.

I hope you enjoy the photos!