Porsche 993 Turbo Gemballa

How much fun can you have when a friend kindly lends you his 993 Turbo Gemballa and asks you to shoot it around the UK? I think I gave it a pretty good effort.

Starting on some wonderful Cotswold roads, there was of course some agriculture as it was harvest time.

With the weather so good, I wanted to take the car to the seaside. The British scenery can deliver sometimes!

Next we went up to London to shoot in some rather empty, but well known spots.

This shot was actually lit using a TukTuk going past with some crazy LED lights on it!

This 911 is finished in a rather cool shade of green called Nato Olive Green. I therefore jumped to the conclusion that it would look cool with a military helicopter. Thank you to the British Army for making this happen!

On the way back, I dropped in to see a friend who owned a GT2 and GT Clubsport. It’s amazing how diverse the 993 chassis is that it can produce 3 wildly different driving experiences!