Quick Refuel

I had the privilege of photographing two stunning beasts for Romans International: a Maserati MC12 and a Ferrari Enzo, both with delivery mileage. This shoot was no ordinary one; it happened at night at a Shell petrol station of all places!

A petrol station might seem like an unusual place for a photoshoot, but trust me, it was the perfect backdrop for what we had in mind with their yellow and red colour scheme which I lent into with the car lighting.

I used Amazon PT4c LED coloured tubes – These are like a magician’s wand for photographers. They allowed me to light the Maserati MC12 and Ferrari Enzo in a way that showed the shapes of the cars, then add a hint of colour to help them feel at home in the environment.

I spent around two hours per photo in post-production, fine-tuning every detail to achieve the sleek and polished look I had envisioned.   To see a sneak peak of the retouching process, please take a look at my retouching page.