Roadtrip to Geneva: P1 & XJ220

Starting from Central London with a few friends, this road trip to the Geneva Motorshow was certainly more interesting than just flying!

An XJ220 may be a large car, but luggage space isn’t the best…

This P1 isn’t a “regular” P1, it’s a full exposed carbon edition, but with a lovely red tint.

Hopefully not waking up the Queen on our way out of London.

Quick fuel stop on the way out of London, one of many on this trip.

If you don’t take a photo on the channel tunnel, have you even been on it?

Once we were into Europe, we headed into Belgium, and the first stop was an amazing Ferrari dealer where we had a look round a few of the special cars they had in stock.  They also had a rather nice wall out the back which was a prime opportunity for some photos..

Inside they had this lovely LaFerrari and quite a few more special Ferraris!

Onwards to the end destination for the evening, I think you can work out where…

Next destination was the Nurburgring, which meant lots of enjoyable roads!

We were lucky enough to stop off at the Bugatti factory and take a look at the Chiron.

On the way over to Geneva, a wrong turn proved not ideal for the weather, especially when on summer tyres still!   We ended up having to give up and turn around!