Saudi Seven Concourse

When it comes to car shows, nothing quite compares to what I witnessed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the Seven Concours event. We’re talking about an ensemble of some of the rarest and most exotic cars on the planet, all showcased in a unique environment.

The car lineup was beyond impressive, filled with pristine examples that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. From one-off customizations to legendary classics, the display was a rolling timeline of automotive greatness. But it wasn’t just the metal that impressed, it was also the setting. Riyadh provided this extraordinary backdrop that complemented the cars beautifully.

Now, let’s talk light. As someone who lives for the perfect shot, I couldn’t have asked for better natural lighting. The Saudi sun cast these lovely, soft hues over the vehicles, turning them into irresistible subjects for my camera. I’ve shot shows in various corners of the world, but this was special.

The Seven Concours in Riyadh was a total win, a combination of exotic machinery and perfect light conditions made it an unforgettable experience.