Testing A New Rolling Rig

It’s important to always try to improve from both a creative point of view and also technically.  With this in mind, I have seen opportunity to improve the way that rolling photos are shot, having seen the latest technology available to film crews.  Put simply, the more steady the camera is, the longer the shutter speed can be, and the more motion can be shown.  I now have a fully suspended, and controllable rig which allows me to safely and remotely shoot angles which haven’t been possible before.

My Macan seems to be the ideal chase car as the ride quality is so good. For this test, I was shooting my Exige, as I always like to test on my own car. This is actually a key reason I like owning the Exige, it’s a brilliant car to test new ideas on!     Anyway, here you can see the first iteration of the rig while it was being set up.

It proved quite successful, although there was room for improvement on the hit rate.  Much safer than hanging out the back of a car though!

An added bonus is the diverse selection of angles possible. Much lower angles and also higher angles are possible.

Testing can be a quite fun, and it was fun to have both cars out in the Peak District.  Weirdly, I was grabbing the keys to the Macan more than the Exige!



Edit: Since this blog post was originally written, I’ve actually changed the rig to a different version from Movmax instead of Tilta. This new rig offers even better damping which is vital to a steady shot, plus the rig is more portable, fitting into a peli case which means I can travel for shoots abroad with this new one.

Obviously it’s slightly more sensible to use my Macan!