Tillett’s Spooktacular Seats

I’ve been enjoying Tillett Seats in my Lotus Exige for years. They not only provide exceptional comfort but also offer the perfect low seating position I desired. Over time, I’ve established a great relationship with Tillett, consistently upgrading to their latest seats while collaborating on photography projects.

Tillett has a remarkable history of crafting unique and exciting seats for special events and photoshoots. This Halloween, they truly outdid themselves. On the left, you can see the brand-new C1 seat, featuring a custom backrest and some eye-catching panels. On the right is the new B10, the same model I currently have in my Exige, but it received a stunning custom paint job courtesy of the renowned KSD Autobody.

As you can see, we had some fun with this shoot, making use of my smoke machine and a selection of my coloured lights from Amaran to light the seats and environment.

It was worth braving the rain and actually embracing it for the shots!