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My Purple Lotus Exige – “Hell Slow”

It started as a small idea in photoshop… “I wonder what my Exige would look like in purple”. A year later and the car now looks like a totally new, and totally different Lotus.  I got a little bit carried away…    

No Time To Die

An amazing opportunity to shoot the Bond cars from the new No Time To Die Film for the cover feature of Tempus Magazine. Thank you to Aubrey Peck for organising the shoot.

Global Launch Shoot of the Apex AP-0

The Geneva Motorshow is normally the biggest car show of the year, when car brands get an opportunity to show off their new vehicles to the media of the world, and a lucky few get to launch brands which they hope will fundamentally change the industry. They work around the clock to get amazing cars… Read more »

2018 – A Look Back At The Year

Looking back at 2018, it’s quite amazing to see how much happened and how many happy times were had. It’s a year where I focused on my happiness over money, and so it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable and varied experience! It makes me super proud to look back at this work and see what I… Read more »

New Lotus Exige 430 CUP DRIVEN

The launch of the new Lotus Exige 430 CUP was very exciting to me. As an owner of a Lotus Exige S which I have modified to 460hp and have driven 20,000 miles in now, the new 430 CUP is a car which I hugely wanted to experience, have a drive in and of course take photos… Read more »

American Dream Roadtrip with Pirelli

There are certain things that you always dream of doing. For me a big bucket list item which I’ve always wanted to do is an American Roadtrip.  It was thank to Pirelli that the dream turned into a reality, and it was better than I could have imagined! This happened last year, so please forgive… Read more »

Norway Roadtrip

Half way through the Maserati Campaign I had a week off so I decided to go on a road trip with my best mate in the Lotus. I’ve always wanted to go see the scenery in Norway and Petrolhead Tours had a tour of Norway planned so I booked onto that for a different kind of… Read more »

The #DullRoadtrip – Caterham to Croatia

The  #DullRoadtrip started as simply an idea with friends that we wanted to do a road trip and visit places we’d never been before. It was about exploring new areas, and creating amazing experiences. So first of all we decided that we would take the Caterham. Admittedly an awful car to do a road trip in,… Read more »

My Caterham 7 – Ownership Blog

Friday 27th May 2016 – A few weeks into Caterham Ownership and VMax200 So now the car is running beautifully, it seemed a good opportunity to take the car along to VMax200 to see what it could do and get to grips with the handling of the car in a safe open environment. For those who… Read more »

A Big Year – Looking Back at 2015

It’s New Years Eve and I’m looking back at the photos I’ve taken in 2015. This year has been by far the busiest year of my life and the number of amazing shoots I’ve done truly makes me thankful for the support of my clients, friends and followers and motivates me to push even harder in 2016! I… Read more »