Category: Photography

No Time To Die

An amazing opportunity to shoot the Bond cars from the new No Time To Die Film for the cover feature of Tempus Magazine. Thank you to Aubrey Peck for organising the shoot.

Rolling Exige

Practice makes perfect, and trying new techniques is often challenging when on bigger commercial shoots. This shoot was for a friend, practicing a new technique to get longer shutter speeds on moving shots, which gives the photos more feeling of motion.  It was deemed a success so can be applied to future shoots!

Ferrari SF90 For Auto Vivendi

This is the Ferrari SF90, the latest supercar from Ferrari with 1000hp delivered from the hybrid system. Shot for Auto Vivendi, it’s the latest addition to their incredible collection!

Global Launch Shoot of the Apex AP-0

The Geneva Motorshow is normally the biggest car show of the year, when car brands get an opportunity to show off their new vehicles to the media of the world, and a lucky few get to launch brands which they hope will fundamentally change the industry. They work around the clock to get amazing cars… Read more »

My First Introduction To YouTube – Driving a Ferrari SP2 Monza

2020 has been a strong start for me, with 3 new YouTube videos and the launch of my channel. As I write this, I have over 160k views, but they’re growing very well! I started with a walk around video about my Lotus Exige. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, I’ve done so… Read more »

Retouching Blog – Before/After

Lots of people have kindly said that they enjoyed the retouching page on my website. This blog post is a bit of an extension of that, showcasing more examples of retouching, as well as outlining why I went with that approach, and what I’ve done to achieve the finished result. Feel free to play around with… Read more »

Shooting an Advertising Campaign For Maserati

Since the day I realised I wanted to be a photographer, my dream has been to shoot a global advertising launch campaign for a major manufacturer.     I’ve shot launch campaigns on a smaller scale before, but this was the job I’d been dreaming of and aiming towards. Over 3 months I photographed all… Read more »

2016 – My Best Year Yet

It’s New Years Eve and I thought now would be a good time to look back at an amazing year of photography and experiences.  I couldn’t put every shoot I did in due to embargoes and the fact there are just too many, so here are a selection of shots from throughout the year which I… Read more »

The #DullRoadtrip – Caterham to Croatia

The  #DullRoadtrip started as simply an idea with friends that we wanted to do a road trip and visit places we’d never been before. It was about exploring new areas, and creating amazing experiences. So first of all we decided that we would take the Caterham. Admittedly an awful car to do a road trip in,… Read more »

Twisting Fashion With Automotive in Scotland

I love when my clients allow me to get creative and take ideas from just a thought in my head all the way to reality.  I’ve worked with Twisted for a few years now and it’s a really exciting company to be involved with.  Twisted take standard Land Rover Defenders and modify and upgrade them… Read more »