My Best Work in 2023

At the end of each year, I love looking back at the photos I’ve taken. 2023 is a year that has been challenging at times, but it is truly amazing how many amazing moments there have been. As a photographer I feel like I’ve really pushed myself to improve, especially with my night photography and understanding of colour.  I have also invested quite heavily this year on photography kit, with highlights including my Nikon Z9, a whole suite of Amaran coloured lighting, a MovMax tracking rig and much more.

My personal highlight of the year was of course getting engaged to my partner, Tilly.  Tilly has done an incredible job with her own career this year, stepping up to run @BMWM, and it makes me incredibly proud to see people appreciating her creativity and hard work.  All the while, Tilly is the best supporter I could ever hope for and I am very grateful.

Let’s kick off with a cinematic shoot for Shmee150 in Los Angeles.

Toyota have once again been an amazing client, and I’ve shot 5 different vehicles from their lineup in some amazing locations!

Aubrey Automobiles launched their latest commission, a Series III Land Rover, which meant a visit to my favourite studio, Calverts!

Thecaraba‘s McLaren P1 visited Lanzante, where it was fully rebuilt to their HDK spec in this very tasteful spec.  I shot it for Lanzante when it was completed, just before it was flown out to Jeddah for the Formula 1 weekend!

Night photography and the use of more dynamic lighting is something that I spent a lot of time practicing and improving this year, and Amaran were a big part of this. This shoot was the first collaboration with Amaran, shooting my own cars using their new PT4c coloured LED tubes.

This was the start of amazing things to come with Amaran, and I’m excited that in 2024 I have officially partnered with them, which means I will be experimenting with more of their new lights and accessories, plus will also be creating more behind the scenes content for my own social media channels to help people learn more about the process, and hopefully inspire more people to go out, experiment, and shoot more!

Supercar Experience Group continue to grow their fleet of Supercars, and I flew up to Scotland to shoot the whole collection.

A highlight of this shoot for me was when I took their M3 “Drift Taxi” for a little drive, discovering just how friendly an M3 chassis is.  I have always loved sliding cars around, and the M3 inspired so much confidence that I was quickly on full opposite lock, smoking the tyres on every corner of the little track!   One day I will own an M3…

March kicked with a trip to Gstaad to shoot some mint Porsche 964s for Flatsix.   This shoot was certainly a highlight of my year, showing just how lucky I am to do my job on days like that, in beautiful scenery, shooting classic Porsches for some lovely people.

Tillett launched their new B10 seat, which is a great new addition to their lineup, and I immediately wanted a set for my Lotus.  I created a suite of images for Tillett to help launch the new seats, then we created a bespoke one off set of seats for my Lotus with a special purple tint over the carbon.

My first shoot of the year for Caterham, of their 420R, reminded me just how much fun 210hp is in 500kg…

Rolls Royce had an amazing year and I was lucky enough to shoot quite a lot for them.  This Ghost looks at home outside the Goodwood House!

I also had my first glimpse at the new Spectre, which I immediately fell in love with!

Auto Vivendi really stepped things up in 2023, and I was proud to be a part of this with a range of shoots, kicking off in the Cotswolds.

My next shoot for Caterham was a campaign in their huge new factory in Dartford, celebrating the evolution of the 7.

My Lotus continued to be an excuse for new adventures, and after it’s small restoration at SeriouslyLotus, it felt like a good opportunity to pass through the Peak District.

In May I joined a Drivetribe production, creating the still images to sit along side their video launch campaign for the new Nio ET5 Touring.  We visited Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands on this campaign, each providing their own unique landscapes!

At the beginning of my career, Romans International were very kind and offered me opportunities, so it was great to do several shoots for them over 2023, kicking off with these two Jaguars.

Following on from a shoot at Goodwood, it was fun to convoy down to Goodwood with Tilly in both the Lotus and Caterham.

Summer saw some more new cars arrive at Auto Vivendi, which meant more shoots, starting with this 812 GTS in the Surrey Hills.

A few days after the 812 arrived, I joined the rest of the Auto Vivendi team in Austria, where they’d just completed a road trip. We took a selection out to shoot on the beautiful mountain roads.

SDH Racing sent me his Maserati MC20 for a few days, which was rather enjoyable, and provided another opportunity to experiment with some contrasting coloured lighting.

A shoot of these two Brabus for Romans International gave me a chance to test my new tracking rig from Movmax, and proved to be successful.

Another super cool arrival at Auto Vivendi led to some puddle splashing in their new Sterrato.

A very cool STO was also added to their collection…

I think the biggest photography highlight of 2023 for me was the launch shoot for Zenvo of their new Aurora. I shot this in a studio in Munich, adding in new backgrounds to all images to fit the brief.  It was a very technically challenging shoot and the retouching process took me a huge amount of time, but the photos and cars were well received!

It wasn’t just cars in 2023, I also dipped my toes shooting a Combine Harvester for The Farming Forum & Lazer Lamps.

Central London provided a great background for yet another new arrival at Auto Vivendi!

Onto another incredible experience that I still pinch myself happened.  A friend was incredibly generous offering us a trip of a lifetime on his beautiful Wally Sailing Yacht.

October saw yet more adventures, kicking off with the first Drivetribe event, which I was proud to display my Lotus at.

I then had another shoot for Caterham, but this time focusing on their new “Project V” electric sports car. The amazing house was the prefect background to contrast the curves of the car.

Straight after that shoot, it was onto Mini, creating a wide range of shots for 6 different types of Minis!

The weather may not have been on my side, but Wales still proved to be an adventure, and my Lotus still stood out nicely!  I created a set of images for Ring Automotive for their website and social media.

Back onto Tillett, this time with a Halloween theme.  I used a selection of lights from Amaran, plus a smoke machine to create a fun set of photos.

Another shoot for Romans International – they had a super low mileage Enzo and Maserati MC12 and I shot them at a local Shell petrol station at night, creating a set of images which proved my post popular on instagram all year.

The next shoot was in Ireland, and I had my first chance to drive a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

An extra little addition to the Mini shoot from before, this was shot in Swindon, which isn’t an obvious choice when trying to find locations…

I worked with Aubrey Peck to create launch photography for CTTC.  I created a full set of images for all their cars.

I had some real fun giving the night shots as much atmosphere as I could!

I also got a couple of quick shots of my friend, Merlin’s, Ferrari Testarossa, which he has painted a lovely shade of brown.

This Pagani Zonda 760 “Attack” was completed, and I thought a night shoot would work well for the menacing spec.

To round off the year, I had a second visit to Los Angeles, where I loved how welcoming everyone was.  I ended up doing some fun shoots, starting with the Half11 by Oilstainlab.

Next up, this 412P Tribute for Colleen, under some very welcome Californian Sun!

One thing I really wanted to do in LA, was shoot with some Neon. I found this amazing Stater Bros sign, and James was kind enough to show up with this amazing 1400hp Lamborghini…

My last few shoots are still under embargo, so I’ve had to blur out the vehicles.   I really loved these last few shoots and am excited to share them soon!

As you can see, it’s been quite a busy year!  Thank you to all my clients and everyone on social media for the support.  In 2024, I am excited to push myself again, and hopefully this time next year I’ll be looking back, pleased with what I’ve achieved!