My Unexpected Date with a Private 747

It’s not just cars…   I’ve also shot Unimogs, boats, helicopters and now a private Boeing 747.  Take a look inside the vast plane!

I enjoyed the challenge of this, you can’t really light something quite so large…

In the nose, you have the master bedroom. I can only imagine how relaxing it is to sleep in a space like this.

The bathrooms were about the same size as the one I have at home.  Much more gold though.

There is lots of space everywhere, this is the living room type area.

Everywhere you look is quite grand on this plane, let’s take a look upstairs.

This is the “regular” seating area, which is still rather lovely!

No 747 private jet is complete without a meeting room with space for 25 people to sit.

The staff even get nice large seats in the back.

Out the back, there was a rather large cargo area. I’d imagine a few supercars have been on here at some point!