My First Introduction To YouTube – Driving a Ferrari SP2 Monza

2020 has been a strong start for me, with 3 new YouTube videos and the launch of my channel. As I write this, I have over 160k views, but they’re growing very well!

I started with a walk around video about my Lotus Exige. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, I’ve done so much to my car that it’s hard for people to understand with just photos and small explanations. A video was the perfect way to really show my passion for the project.

After this hit 100k views, I knew it was time to do a second video, I really wanted to do something which incorporated fun in my car with photography.  I decided to go visit Powerslidelover in Italy, but to make it a challenge I decided to drive my Exige through the night on New Years Eve, nearly 1000 miles in one go.  Here is the video of that amazing experience:

Once we got to Italy, day 2 was another level even from the drive out there. Powerslidelover, very unexpectedly, gave me the keys to his Ferrari SP2 Monza and let me take it for a drive in the mountains! Check out the video here:

I hope you enjoyed the videos, here are some photos from the amazing trip!