Oilstainlab – The Half11

This is the “Half11” by Oilstainlab.    A demonstration of what happens when two very cool twin brothers, with extensive automotive design experience, build the car of their dreams.  The body is all built by hand in bare aluminium, and the bespoke rear subframe houses one of the most rowdy V8 engines I’ve ever heard.  A pretty cool thing then!

While visiting Los Angeles recently, I was lucky enough to shoot it at 405 Motoring where they were also showing their new bespoke chairs made by Spadewerks for the first time.  This chair was hand made, and the wood was stained using used motor oil from the Half11.

I really enjoyed the chance to get a little creative with this shoot, adding a hint of red light to contrast with the bright white ceiling lights, and incorporating Nikita and Iliya really added to the feel of the shoot.