Shooting an Advertising Campaign For Maserati

Since the day I realised I wanted to be a photographer, my dream has been to shoot a global advertising launch campaign for a major manufacturer.     I’ve shot launch campaigns on a smaller scale before, but this was the job I’d been dreaming of and aiming towards.

Over 3 months I photographed all the cars in the Maserati 2018 range. You can see the finished photos in my portfolio here.    

This blog post is a little insight into the behind the scenes of how we shot the campaign.  Every part of it was planned out in explicit detail. To do this we scouted every location, worked out when the light would be best and how to make it work logistically.

The production crew and assistants were all fantastic in making sure everything went to plan and on schedule, a challenging task when so many photos are required.

Here are a selection of behind the scenes photos which show a few of the scenes we created and how made it happen.

The first photos to launch were the GranTurismo and GranCabrio at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Amazing to see photos in the launch booklets.