Portrait of Automotive Photographer GFWilliams

The Photographer

George F. Williams or just ‘GFWilliams’ to most, has won acclaim across the world for his unique and Commercial style of Automotive Photography.

Despite being based in London, GF travels worldwide to pursue to his career. With a unique style which incorporates a true passion for the subjects being shot, GF’s images are distinguishable, captivating, and dynamic.

The Story

When GF first picked up a camera at the age of fifteen, taking photos of his father’s Caterham 7 on the driveway.

After a while this wasn’t enough and GF began seeking more creative opportunities with his photography. Some preliminary shoots were set up with friends in various locations, and that was when the love for automotive photography really started to develop.

In 2010, while studying at university, GF made the decision that ultimately paved the way for his successful career; leaving university behind, that’s where GFWilliams Photography was born and a career was decided.

Today, GF’s passion is stronger than ever. Pushing forward his skill set in both photography and retouching, creating images which are truly his vision as an automotive enthusiast as well as professional photographer.



The Tools

GFWilliams employs professional and industry-grade tools to tackle any job.

The full inventory includes but is not limited to;

  • Hasselblad H5D-50
  • Hasselblad 28mm
  • Hasselblad 35-90mm
  • Hasselblad 90mm
  • Nikon Z7 (45mp)
  • Nikon D810 (36mp)
  • Nikon 24-70mm Lens
  • Nikon 16-24mm VR Lens
  • Nikon 70-200mm Lens
  • Nikon 20mm Lens
  • Nikon 50mm Lens
  • 6 meter Carbon Fibre Car Rig
  • Profoto B1 Flashes
  • Apple iMac & Macbook Pro

The Objective

On each project, GF sets out to take the best photographs possible, working hard to make all shoots as close to that perfect vision as possible.

In doing so GFWilliams has obtained a worldwide following on social media with more than 1.25 million fans on his verified Facebook page to date.

This experience in social media marketing and self promotion means that he now offers the same level of service to his commercial clients throughout the world. Ranging from tailored consultation and strategies to paid-for promotions, GF achieves the best result each time.

If you have any projects where you feel GF’s skill set could be of value, feel free to get in contact.


The Cars

For GF, lightweight, driver focused cars are the pinnacle of enjoyment. Since his father sold his Caterham 7, GF had always aspired to own one.

This was made possible in 2015, and, in typical, crazy, GFWilliams fashion, the adventures started. After putting 8000 miles on the car in a year, it was decided that a more sensible option (with doors and a roof!) was required, so the Caterham was sadly sold. Recently though, the Caterham has returned!

In its place, a 460hp Lotus Exige S V6 in Liquid Yellow found a home. GF immediately set off on more exciting excursions; so far, these have included a trip to the infamous Nürburgring, a road trip to explore the beautiful roads of Norway, and most recently a drive down to the south of Spain where the car now lives! Read the latest about the Exige in the blog here.

As well as the Lotus, GF is lucky enough to be able to share a stunning Chesil Speedster you see below with his father and brother, perfect for the occasional summer drive!

The trio of cars owned by Automotive Photographer, GFWilliams