GFWilliams offers a commercial Automotive Photography Retouching service using the latest Adobe Photoshop software to provide a creative new look to images.

The feel an image creates to the viewer is a big part of retouching. As you’ll see from the changes below, changing toning, cleaning distracting elements, adding colour and clarity, all make a huge difference to the way the viewer takes in the image.

Retouching Location Images: 

Location shots are so varied that they bring real challenges to the photographer. Retouching is a great tool available, whether it’s just tidying up some graffiti or going the whole hog and totally changing reflections in a car to show off the vehicle in the best possible light. Maybe even changing the background, or adding motion, to make the location seem more exciting. With careful planning and a vision for a finished product, it’s amazing what can be achieved.

Use the sliders to see before/after comparisons.

Retouching Studio Images:

Studio images are quite different to Location shots; so much can be done to them with different lighting options, so it’s important the retouching makes the most of this potential.  There is also the option of changing backgrounds, changing shapes and highlighting certain features to really show the viewer the vision you’d like to promote.  Finally, sometimes you have to fix mistakes which you make when shooting, nobody is perfect and timescales can be tough but good retouching can sometimes be the saving grace.