We Got Engaged!

This is without doubt my favourite blog to write.   This was a very special moment shared with my better half, Tilly!   Tilly and I have been a great team for many years now, and it was very exciting for me to bring her with me to Los Angeles for the first time.  I hired a Jeep (Tilly loves Jeeps), and we went for a little adventure, first of all driving out to Palm Springs, then the following day we ventured into Joshua Tree National Park.  Little did Tilly know, it was going to be a very special day.

We drove off to a nice quiet area and were enjoying taking in the vast scenery and stopping every so often to take photos of the Jeep. This is quite normal of course as I’m a car photographer.  Little did Tilly know, I was looking for the perfect spot to get a nice side profile shot of the car…

There were a few spots which were okay, but eventually I found the ideal spot.  Out came the tripod so I could “light the car”, and a remote timer was set.  What came next was the exciting bit, I told Tilly to stand in a certain place (she was a bit confused by this), and I got down on one knee and started asking her to marry me.  I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I remember Tilly interrupting me with “Is this actually happening?!” and then she started jumping up and down with excitement. I had to bring her back down to earth by saying “please let me finish” which meant I got to finish what I was saying and she then started screaming YES!