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My Toyota GT86 – Intro Blog

So here it is, my very own Toyota GT86 TRD for 6 months. At the time of writing I’ve now had it a month and it’s been a very very fun month.

So what’ve I done with it and what do I think?

On the day I collected the car I took it to the awesome warehouse for a photo shoot.

A6580450 GFW_7775 GFW_7781


Next up was a trip to London to find some tunnels and see some land marks…

GFW_7908 GFW_7966




Then time to really explore… ROAD TRIP!!

I decided to take it up to the Scottish Highlands where I was doing a shoot for Twisted Performance. The GT86 made the perfect support car, with 33mpg on the motorway, all the toys (sat nav, bluetooth audio, heated seats) I wanted and SO MUCH FUN when we got to the twisty roads on Scotland. As you can see from the photo below, the weather was quite wet which really showed off just how good the steering and chassis are, it went exactly where I wanted.

GFW_8850 A6580530





On the way back from Scotland I couldn’t resist a day driving through the Peak District…


Since Scotland I’ve been living with the car and exploring it more. I’m now 3000 miles in and loving every single drive still. More on my GT86 story soon…