A Day out in LA

A few snapshots of a day out in Los Angeles with a friend in his Porsche 996 GT3.

We started by driving through the downtown area, I’d always wanted to see the Disney Concert Hall and it didn’t disappoint!   This could be my new favourite piece of architecture in the world.

The next stop I wanted to see was to “Lower Grand”, which is likely the most overused LA photography location, but I wanted to check it out and shoot some snaps!

After a lunch in Little Tokyo, we decided to go explore the canyon roads in the hills which are only about 25 minutes from where we were shooting in Downtown.  The weather was certainly interesting, we drove all the way into the clouds which meant we had to take it quite slow!

The more time I spent visiting LA, the more I love it!  Thank you to Jorge for taking the time to show me around LA!