Saudi as a Tourist

I had the opportunity to experience the diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes of Saudi Arabia, a trip that started with the exhilarating rush of the F1 in Jeddah and unfolded into a road trip adventure with “Thecaraba.” And trust me, this trip was special.

Kicking off the high-octane experience in Jeddah, we were surrounded by the thrilling sounds and energy of Formula 1. After the races, we swapped out the backdrop of the F1 racetrack for the open roads and mountainous terrains of Saudi Arabia, and let me tell you—this country offers some serious driving playgrounds.

Behind the wheel of “Thecaraba’s” M2CS, I found myself navigating through winding roads past Taif and heading south towards Abha. The picturesque landscapes blurring past made this part of the trip feel surreal. The mountains provided a dramatic setting for my camera, as the light and scenery were every bit as dynamic as the cars we were driving.

But the adventure didn’t stop there. Upon reaching Abha, we switched gears—quite literally—from sports cars to Toyota Land Cruisers. We were about to venture into the Empty Quarter, the largest contiguous sand desert in the world. If you think driving through mountain roads is a challenge, try navigating dunes that shift beneath your tires.

Out here in the Empty Quarter, it was a whole different ball game. The challenges were as endless as the dunes, each day offering a new driving obstacle course crafted by nature itself. After the day’s adventures, we’d set up camp and spend the nights under a canopy of stars so expansive, it was humbling. Words can hardly do it justice; it was something you capture with a lens but stays etched in your memory forever.

Finally, we made our way to Riyadh, and I have to say, never has a hotel room felt so inviting. Three days in the desert makes you appreciate the luxuries we often take for granted. We had come full circle, from the synthetic roar of F1 cars to the silence of the desert, only to return to the city’s bustling life.

Big shoutout to “Thecaraba” for showing me his incredible country and the meticulous planning that made this journey possible. I already find myself missing the diverse landscapes and challenges the roads presented. It’s a given—I’ve got to return to Saudi Arabia.